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We design every backup generator system and you can choose automatic or manual transfer. We provide leading equipment by Generac, Briggs & Stratton and General Electric as well as several other top quality products to fit your specific application and budget.

Sizing the Load

A crucial step in choosing a generator is ensuring that you get a model that will supply enough power for your application. We have provided an average wattage rating for most common electricity-using household appliances and devices, which will help you tally your needs. Keep in mind that when you've lost the power at your home, you probably will not run every appliance or device at the same time. 

Portable generators are intended to temporarily provide for your basic needs during an emergency situation and standby generators provide enough power for all your needs.

Note that the figures listed below do not include 20 percent more watts than the actual total and are typical household ratings found in many modern homes. The addition is required because it compensates for differing wattage ratings among appliances and devices; it also accounts for the fact that the circuit breakers on a generator tend to shut off power before maximum load is reached, a move designed to protect the wiring. Don't be surprised if the initial wattage total you get seems high. You might need to run the calculation two or even three times before you arrive at a figure that more accurately matches your essential requirements.

Common Appliances

Appliance Est. Watts
Appliance Est. Watts
Coffee pot (10 cup) 1200 VCR 40-60
Coffee pot (4 cup) 650 CD or DVD Player 35
Toaster 800-1500 Stereo 30-100
Cappuccino Maker 1250 Clock Radio 50
Coffee Grinder 100 AM/FM car cassette 8+
Blender 300 Satellite dish 30+
Microwave (600 to 1000 W cooking power) 1100-2000W(elec. consumption) Vacuum cleaner 300-1100
Waffle iron 1200 Mini Christmas lights (50) 25
Hot plate 1200 Space Heater 1000-1500
Frying pan 1200 Iron 1000
Toaster Oven 1200 Washing machine 920
Blow dryer 900-1500 12" 3 speed table fan 230
- laptop 
- pc & monitor
- printer-inkjet

TV - 25" color 
- 19" color TV or monitor 
- 12" b&w
13" color TV/VCR Combo
*Refrigerator/Freezer 600 Game Console (X-Box) 100
*Freezer 500-800 *Furnace Fan (1/3hp) 1200

Common Tools

Tool Est. Watts
Appliance Est. Watts
Jig Saw 300 1/4" drill 250
Band Saw 1200 3/8" drill 500
Table Saw 1800 1/2" drill 750
6 1/2" circ. saw 1000 Shop Vac 5 hp 1000
7 1/4" circ. saw 1200+ *Sabre Saw 500
8 1/4" circ. saw 1800 *Portable Grinder 1380
Disc Sander 1200 *Electric Chain Saw 14" 1200
Makita Chop Saw 1550 *Airless Sprayer 1/2 hp 600
Makita Cut Off Saw 1000 *Air Compressor 1 hp 2000

Pumps and Air Conditioners

Pump Running Starting
Air Conditioner
*Well Pump 1/3 hp 750 1400-3000 *7000 BTU to 10000 BTU 
Running: 1000-1500. Starting: 2200-5000.
(A/C's are a very difficult load because of the high start-up surge. Use the Locked Rotor Amps to determine the start up surge requirement).
*Well Pump 1/2 hp 1000 2100-4000
*Sump Pump 1/3 hp 800 1300-2900
*Sump Pump 1/2 hp 1050 2150-4100

What We Do

  • Initial Consultation
  • Evaluate On Site Location
  • Size Generator
  • Obtain Required Permits
  • Manage Installation
  • Start Up & Test
  • Obtain Warranty
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Service
  • Repair & Test

Our professional staff works hard to ensure your system is ready and operational in the event of an outage.

Our goals and services are to achive the highest possible reliability at the best possible price.